I've had a great experience with this therapy practice. The staff is responsive when it comes to setting up appointments and handling payments. The therapist I've been working with has been helpful. Their approach during sessions has had a positive impact on my mental well-being. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking effective therapy and support.

Tom Jennings

Best therapist ever!! I’ve worked with Mi Cao for a couple years now and she’s taught me so much. We used to have more regular sessions when I was really struggling before, but now we mainly just do check ins. She is such a supportive therapist and will try to squeeze me in her schedule if I really need to have a session with her.

Christine L.

I’ve been to several therapist over the years and have never actually worked with anyone that made me feel like there was progress until working with Fae. She provides a level of comfort, understanding, transparency and ease in sharing information compared to the other people I’ve ever worked with.

Julie T.

Fae is exceptional! Of my almost 10 years in therapy, I have never experienced such great care. I leave every session feeling like I learned something new about myself and continue to grow each week. She is so supportive and always makes me feel so seen and understood. Cannot recommended Joy Mental Fitness enough, especially Fae!

Brenna M.

When choosing a therapist, everyone wants someone who is attentive, insightful, intelligent, compassionate, available, timely, and trustworthy. Fae Blackman Cushing is all of those things and more. She is exceptional at what she does, and I'm beyond grateful to have her in my corner.

Joseph S.
It was a great experience.
Jose R. | Oct 11, 2023